“I got a monster, but you turned her into an angel. There was a time when one of us had to go, or else!!! Now I love my Cassie. Thanks, Sara.”
— Marilyn B. & Cassie
 Cassie - German Shepherd

Cassie - German Shepherd


"I had to stop walking my dog because I literally can't walk her."

"We've tried everything we can think of and he still doesn't stop [barking, jumping, running away, humping, etc]."

"I just want my kids to be able to enjoy playing with our puppy like they used to."


If you find yourself nodding in agreement with one or all of these statements, you've come to the right place!


We're not the dog whisperers...you are!

Teaching you and every member of your family is crucial to your success. Because, guess what! Your dog lives with you, in your home. Not with us! Every service we provide caters to this core idea and each program is tailored to start and maintain training so that there is no relapse in the future.


How this works...

Step 1: Graduate from one of our Training Programs, spotlighted below

Step 2: Attend Group Class to troubleshoot training issues around distractions

Step 3: Enroll in Day Camp or Boarding School for continued support and aftercare


Which program is right for you?


Did you just bring a new puppy home?

For puppies 8 weeks-16 weeks old

Ask about our Puppy Programs!

Are you at your wits end with your dog?

For dogs that need more than the basics

Ask about our Puppy or Adult Pro programs!


Think your situation is unique?

Read our client testimonials to find out.

“Our massive 115 lb dog used to scare the crap out of any visitors with his barking, shoving, and jumping. His behavior has been an enormous source of tension and anxiety in our house for over 6 years!!! Sara Baker worked miracles with us!
— Destiny & Bart K. w/ Gideon
“Sara has been helping me train my 3 crazy pups and has made life so much easier. I came in with basically no experience with training and she has been able to walk me through everything while making me feel like a confident fur momma.”
— Lindsay B. w/ Augustus, Piper, & Nana
“Ranger, would pull on walks, lunge at people and dogs, jump on us and our guests, and steal clothes from our hamper. After just 3 short weeks of training he is still the same dog, just better! He no longer pulls on walks, doesn’t jump, and knows how to behave in the house.”
— Jod & Chantel B. w/ Ranger

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