Hi! My name is Sara Baker.


I'm a passionate wife, mother of two ridiculously beautiful daughters, and family dog trainer


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“If you’re looking for effective, compassionate, and knowledgeable assistance with your canine companion, Sara’s your gal! She’s the one-stop shop for all things dog.”
— Kimberly Artley, founder of Pack Fit

Kimberly Artley with Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer



Meet the Bakers


Sara - President/Head Trainer

When not answering cries of "Mommy!" and "Babe!", cooking dinner, and changing diapers, Sara devotes her time to training dogs, instructing owners, and educating the public. She specializes in training the family dog in basic obedience and has experience working with dogs of many ages and breeds.

Erik - Vice President/Security Officer

You may not see him very often, but we owe a lot to Erik. He keeps things running with his entrepreneurial spirit, business expertise, killer handyman skills, and of course, handling the kids while "mom" gets to play with dogs.

Mikah - Kennel Tech/Receptionist

Mikah is our kennel assistant. She's in charge of food, water, and poop patrol. She also manages the "reception" area. When you knock on our door, hers is usually the first face you see. It's not all work at BAK9, however. Mikah knows how to have a good time and typically organizes the daily play time, rain, snow or shine.


Mckenzie - Office Manager

Don't be fooled by Mckenzie's size and age. The dogs know to give her space and all the respect she deserves. Mckenzie is our "dog training baby" and she loves helping expecting parents alleviate fears of how their dog will react to the new baby.

Bandit - Office Assistant/HR

Bandit is the peacemaker of the family. He loves everyone he meets and will happily greet all our guests.

Chico - Quality Control

Oh, Chico, I think the picture says it all. He is also our "puppy whisperer" and teaches all the young dogs the rules of appropriate play and socialization.






Sara running a USDAA agility course with her dog, Abby.


I grew up with dogs, cats, horses, and a menagerie of other creatures, training my own dogs to do fun tricks, and saddle-breaking young horses and ponies. In the late 90s, my mom and I saw an agility demo at a stock show and decided to learn and compete with our own dogs. We traveled all over the country attending seminars and championships almost every weekend.


Kaos, Abby, & Jessy


However, all that training couldn't help our dogs' behavior problems at home. They rarely listened off leash, barked constantly, suffered from obsessive compulsive behaviors, and attacked each other. Our Jack Russells fights were so bad, you would have thought we were running a dog fighting ring. We tried everything we could think of, but nothing we tried worked. Their fights grew progressively worse, becoming more bloody and unpredictable. And then they turned on the oldest pack member, Abby. We made the difficult decision to re-home them to separate, single-dog homes.


Sara on a tricycle ride with Baby McKenzie and dogs in for training.


Since those dark days, I have devoted much of my time traveling the country attending seminars, workshops, and conferences to learn all I can about dog behaviorcanine psychology, and new advances in training tools in order to teach my clients how to prevent all the problems my dogs and I endured through the years.



I belong to the IACP (INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CANINE PROFESSIONALS, #A5796) as well as several local and online communities of like-minded trainers, behaviorists, groomers, veterinarians, and average dog owners. Together, our mission is to educate the public on dog-bite prevention, empower dog owners to train their own dogs, and to stop 5 million+ dogs a year from being unnecessarily re-homed, incarcerated, or euthanized. 

My goal is to attend at least 2 workshops or seminars a year to continue learning from the best professionals in the field.

To date, I have attended and tutored under:

  • IACP Annual Conference, 5 days - Colorado Springs, CO September 2019

  • Brittany Brauer & Bethany Tracy’s Puppy Potential Workshop, 3 days - Orem, UT July 2019

  • Nelson Hodges’ Canine-Human Relationship Institute: Course 8, 3 days - Blue Ridge, TX February 2019

  • Patricia McConnell’s The Other End of The Leash - 2018

  • Larry Krohn’s Everything You Need to Know: E-Collar Training - 2018

  • IACP Annual Conference, 5 days - St Louis, MO September 2017

  • Josh Donahue’s Argos Dogworks, 5 days - Atlanta, GA May 2017

  • IACP Annual Conference, 5 days - Ontario, CA September 2016

  • Train the Trainers with Jeff and Sean, 7 days - Providence, RI April 2016

  • Learn to Train The Good Dog Way: E-Collar Training, 2 DVDs - 2016

  • Learn to Train The Good Dog Way: The Foundation, 2 DVDs - 2015

  • Ted Efthymiadis’ He’s Not Friendly: Aggressive/Reactive Dog Training, 4 DVDs - 2015.

  • Jeff Gellman’s RV Dog Trainer, 2 days - Mesa, AZ December 2014

  • Cesar Millan’s Mastering Leadership Series, 6 DVDs - 2014


Sara is an excellent trainer. I was really impressed with her willingness to come to my home and work on so many things right away.
— Serena B. (Orem, UT)

Nora the Border Collie mix


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