The Result of Remote Collar Training

The Results of Responsible Remote Collar Training Are Boundless

Because of responsible remote collar training, we can take our dogs anywhere! One of their favorite places is the playground. If you have a high energy dog, get them trained on an ecollar so you can enjoy off leash excursions like this!

Starring: Bandit (Australian Shepherd) and Chico (Chiweenie)

Dogs Are Dogs, Not Humans

Most of the problem behaviors we see in today’s society will disappear if we treat our dogs like dogs.
— Sara Baker

A recent vital video depicting a polar bear patting a dog on the head is being grossly misinterpreted.

"When we insist on seeing animals [like humans], we do them a disservice. We assign them the responsibility that comes with being human, including a code of morality that other animals [our dogs included] simply cannot follow." (Read more at,

This is a problem that many of our domesticated pets, dogs especially, are continuously burdened with. We treat them like humans, expect them to behave like humans, hold them to the same accountability as humans. And then when they fail under such a heavy load, we're shocked. The dog ends up at the shelter, on death row, for our own stupidity and unwillingness to see them for who they truly are.

They are not little fur babies, little humans, babysitters, nanny dogs, etc. They are in no way, shape, or form genetically related to homo sapiens. In fact, they are a completely different species!!! Imagine that. They are Canis Familiaris, genetically 98% of they're wild forefathers, Canis Lupus, i.e. wolves...not humans...wolves.

Most of the behavior problems we see in today's society (separation anxiety, containment phobia, general anxiety, over excitement, aggression, reactivity, hyper arousal, household destruction, etc), behaviors we think can be fixed with medication or more love, will disappear if we treat our dogs like dogs.

Show your love, share your affection, when it is appropriate and earned. Then give discipline at the right time with just the right amount of information to teach your dog how to cope with domestic life.

Treat them like a DOG! And they will blossom.


What Is Balanced Training?

“Your dog is only as balanced as your household.”
— Courtney Foster-Donahue, co-founder of Argos Dogworks

Balanced Training

Balanced training uses a combination of positive reinforcement such as food, clickers, praise, and touch, and negative reinforcement such as spatial, verbal, and physical pressure to clearly communicate with a dog what is wanted and what is undesirable. 

To be successful, all teams must work together to achieve the same goal. If owner, trainer and dog are on separate pages, then nothing is accomplished. Our goal is to teach you how to train your own dog to eliminate existing problems and prevent future bad behaviors from starting. We accomplish this through regular, structured exerciserules and boundaries, and addressing nutritional and emotional needs, plus a wide variety of tools, praise and consequences. Each dog and owner are different and need a specific program tailored just for them.

We believe in correctly, safely, and humanely using any tool in the toolbox that the dog responds best to. Some of the tools we use are: tone of voice, body language, flat buckle collar, prong collar, verbal markers, food, dressage whip, "bonker", e-collar/remote training collar, slip lead, pet convincer, muzzle, dominant dog collar, and martingale collar.

If you have any issue with these tools, please feel free to ask why. We'd love to show you and educate you on how to properly and humanely use each of them and see the benefits. But if you feel these tools and methods aren't what you're looking for, then we can refer you to other trainers in the area that might be more suited to your style.