4 Easy Halloween Safety Tips For Your Dog...(and every other holiday for that matter)



from the Bakers Acres Crew to yours!


Here are a few safety tips for tonight's festivities: (for video tutorials on these hacks, check out our Facebook Halloween playlist... hint, it's the first one on our video tab!)


1. Keep 🍫candy and 🍭wrappers out of your dog's reach! 

Many of our favorite holiday sweets are toxic to dogs, not to mention the potential of ingesting wrappers and other plastics. The simplest way to do this is to designate one area of your house as the "candy zone". This is also designated as the "dog-free zone". You can install baby gates, or just simply teach your dog to respect the threshold into the "dog-free zone". 

Here's a playlist of our crate & threshold videos: 


2. Prepare for lots of doorbells and opened doors! 

Our first recommendation is to crate your dog, especially if they are stressed when strangers visit or worse are prone to bolting out opened doors, no matter how slightly cracked. Second, teach your dog to mind his own business and stay on his bed (we call this "place"). You can practice right now before all the trick or treaters arrive. Get a "place" bed/mat/rug, leash your dog, guide him to the bed, "stay", and follow through each time he gets up. If this is too much work, then you can always tie your dog back to a sturdy piece of furniture or door. 


3. While out trick or treating...

Keep your dogs on a leash and you might want to consider adding a reflective vest or glow stick to their outfit...just in case! If you have a Mini Educator remote collar, you can turn on the flashlight function!!! Oh snap! 


4. Above all, be wise and follow your gut.

If you feel uncomfortable, your dog probably does. So just make the best judgment call to keep them safe and relaxed. Sometimes, it might just be easier to crate them or shut them in a room with the TV on. 


Together, let's keep our pups safe and healthy this Halloween! Now get out and have some fun!


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