How To Teach Your Dog Self Control

In this one video you'll see how we teach these dogs:



❌good table manners,

❌and to wait their turn.


If your dog's impulse control has slackened, here's some homework:

Step 1: Get some treats or your dog's daily food.

Step 2: Wait for your dog to show proper etiquette: quiet, calm, soft but direct eye-contact.

Step 3: Offer the food, but be ready to refuse it if your dog breaks etiquette, i.e.: barks or whines, jumps up or grabs at the food in your hand, gets distracted or demanding.

Step 4: If they maintain good manners, let them eat the treat in peace and skip to Step 6.

Step 5: If they break etiquette, take back the treat and say "eh eh" and start back at Step 1. Repeat as necessary until your dog shows good manners.

Step 6: Apply these steps to every aspect of your life with your dog, i.e.: getting the leash on to go for a walk, heading out the door, making dinner, greeting you when you get home from work or school, walking around the block.


Your dog is capable of more than what you give them credit for. Raise the bar and hold them accountable to be better, well-mannered, contributing members of society.

Comment below with what you've done to help your dog with self control or share with a friend who needs help.