The family that trains together, stays together.
— Sara Baker

The Baker Family


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Spouse or Significant Other (if applicable)
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Due to severe smoke-related allergies, if you or anyone you live with smokes (including the use of e-cigarettes and cigars), we will need to meet outside or in public. Thank you for understanding.
Section 3: Dog's Name & Info
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Please add as much detail as possible
Please add as much detail as possible
Vaccination Records: *
Current vaccination records, or proof of titer test, as well as a signed "clean bill of health" from your veterinarian must be on file at time of service. Please scan or take a picture of these documents and attach them to a separate email with your dog's name in the subject line. We will not admit any dog without proper identification/rabies tags, vaccination records, and signed agreements. Please acknowledge you have read the following statement and will send a copy of these records to
including recent injuries or surgeries (including spay/neuter), chronic illnesses, medications with dosage amounts, allergies (environmental or food) and any special instructions.
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Please send veterinary proof of your dog's spay/neuter to
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Potty trained means: goes outside to potty, has no accidents indoors or in the crate, and does NOT use a potty pad. House trained means: no rushing through open doors, no chewing, climbing, jumping, or destroying of household items. Crate trained means: 1) your dog willingly enters and exits his crate on command, 2) will stay in his crate for an extended period of time when you're home and when you're gone, 3) is used to sleeping in his crate at night, and 4) is quiet in the crate, no whining, barking, or scratching to get out of the crate.
i.e. enjoyable strolls, vigorous hikes, running through the gauntlet?
i.e. Yes, all the time. Occasionally, when he feels like it. No, he never listens.
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Section 5: Behavior Issues & Safety Concerns
i.e. fireworks, thunder, motorcycles, loud noises, men with beards, etc.
Examples: whining or barking non-stop, growling at strangers or strange animals, scared of sudden movement or new objects, destroys property or attacks out of fear
starving, picky, protective, couldn't care less, begging?
Examples: guards/growls when you or others approach his food, toys, bed, or crate. Or growls when you try to remove him from his bed or furniture. Or lunges/recoils from human touch or approaching dogs.
Please provide the context and be as detailed as possible
Please provide the context and be as detailed as possible
i.e. stressful, relaxed, anxious, muzzle is required, he loves his vet/groomer
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Mowgli the Bordoodle loves the play at Bakers Acres K9 Academy