Doggy Daycare + Training

Send your dog to Bakers Acres during the day to learn all his obedience commands and household manners.


Your dog must:

  1. pass a thorough temperament test,

  2. be less than 65lbs,

  3. not be a female in heat,

  4. be on schedule for their vaccines, or pass a titer test, and

  5. have a clean bill of health from your vet 7-10 days prior to start date.



Our day camp is one of a kind, run from home, as part of our family life...not in a big box store or noisy, smelly boarding kennel. We don't just provide potty breaks and socialization. We make every moment a learning experience including play timenap time, and training time.


We guarantee your dog will learn crucial socialization skills and we'll teach and reinforce all basic obedience commands and manners like crate and potty training, politely waiting for food, respecting doorways and personal boundaries, and walking nicely on leash. Brief instructions will be shared at the end of each day to maintain at home what your dog has learned here.


unlimited PASS

1st Month $750

2nd Month $600

Monthly $450


limited PASS

1st 10 days $550 (must come twice a week at least)

Twice a Week $75/week



Mon-Thu, Fri by appointment

(Closed every 4th week of the month for maintenance and cleaning)

Option 1: 8am drop off - 5pm pick up

Option 2: 9am drop off - 6pm pick up


Besides taking care of our dog during the day [Sara] also helped us work through some behavioral problems and digestive issues he was having. Archer always came home happy and tired from a day of training, exercise, and socialization.”
— Aimee & Rush M. (Mapleton, UT)

Archer the Vizsla with his new buddy Daisy the Aussie