VIP DaycaRE & Boarding

These premium services are only available to our training graduates.


Your dog must:

  1. have graduated from our training programs,

  2. be less than 65lbs,

  3. not be a female in heat,

  4. be on schedule for their vaccines, or pass a titer test, and

  5. have a clean bill of health from your vet 7-10 days prior to start date.


Before Sara, Juno had attended daycare a few times at a large facility in Murray. Juno couldn’t wait to get picked up from the other place, but picking her up from Sara’s, she is happily playing with the other dogs when it is time to go.
— Jackie L. (Salt Lake City, UT)

Juno the Aussie with her new buddy Daisy the Great Weimar



Our day camp and boarding school services are one of a kind. Run from home, as part of our family life...not in a big box store or noisy, smelly boarding kennel. We don't just provide potty breaks and socialization. We make every moment a learning experience including play timenap time, and training time.



DaycaRE $35

$300/10 day pass

$450 unlimited monthly pass



Mon-Thu, Fri by appointment

  • Morning Drop Off: 8am-9am

  • Evening Pick Up: 4pm-5pm

  • Late Pick Up: 8:00pm-8:30pm

Boarding $45

$75 for 2 dogs

$650 unlimited monthly pass



  • Morning drop off or pick up: 8am-9am

  • Evening drop off or pick up: 4pm-5pm

  • Late night (pick up only): 8:00pm-8:30pm

  • Fridays & Saturdays: by appointment

  • Sundays (pick up only): 3pm-4pm


Puppy training and boarding near Utah County | Bakers Acres K9 Academy

Need more than just a puppysitter?

We'll teach you how to maintain your dog's good behavior at home.

Cooper the Labrador spending quality time with his mom during a walk lesson.