There are so many different trainers and methods and programs. How do you choose the right one?


We make it easy for you. Our programs are based on your dog's age, your budget, and the desired outcome.


Distance an issue? Or have a tight budget?



Ideal for first-time owners with puppies and easy going dogs

If you enjoy learning by watching YouTube videos or tutorials on SkillShare, then you'll love this training approach. We will coach you through the training process via video calls and messaging! All you need is an email account, Marco Polo (recorded video messaging app), and either Google Duo (live & recorded video messaging app), or Facebook Messenger (video calls & messaging app). Click on the "green" links to download the apps directly to your mobile device.


Total: $395



4 "live video" sessions (via Google Duo or Facebook Messenger).

Covering topics such as: potty training rules and guidelines, crate training hacks, sleep schedule, how nutrition affects behavior, be calm in the house, stop jumping on guests.

Video/text messaging (via Marco Polo or Google Duo) with your trainer throughout each week during the training process for the purpose of reviewing homework assignments and answering follow-up questions. 

Training tools are not included, but available for purchase.



PROS: Aside from the scheduled "live" video sessions, you'll be able to do the weekly training assignments on your own time and on a limited budget. Since the sessions are virtual, all training can be accomplished in the comfort of your home. There is no need to pay extra for a trainer's time, travel fees or to drive to a trainer yourself, saving time and gas. 

CONS: You and your family will be doing all the hands-on work, so this style requires a lot more accountability and commitment on your part without a trainer present in order to see results. It is also your responsibility to teach everyone else in the home (children and frequent visitors included) how to be involved in the training. If your spouse isn't 100% on board, then this program won't work for you. As noted in the above description, we only address simple behaviors and lifestyle changes in Virtual Sessions. If your dog requires more in-depth training, i.e. behavioral modification, then you'll need to add In-Home Sessions to your training program in order to see long-term success. 

Prefer in-person instruction over video tutorials?



Ideal for experienced owners needing hands-on help

If you struggle with computer/cell phone technology or just like the idea of having a professional on-sight, then this is the program for you. In-home, private sessions with our head trainer are our most popular and preferred style of training, as our clients who complete these personalized sessions are the most successful long-term.


Total: starting at $750* (check prices here)



4-8 "in-person" sessions*

Covering all topics we can address in Virtual Sessions as well as stop biting and nippingwalk nicely on a leash, respect boundaries and personal space, give up toys, treats, and other valuables without a fuss, remote collar instruction and functions, "come" on command, obedience around distractions, and when and how to safely socialize with other dogs. 

Video/text messaging (via Marco Polo or Google Duo) with your trainer throughout each week during the training process for the purpose of reviewing homework assignments and answering follow-up questions.

Some training tools included depending on program of choice.

*The price and number of sessions is based on your dog's age and training needs which will be decided after the consultation.*



PROS: You and your family members will meet one-on-one with our trainer, coaching you through each step and addressing issues and questions on the spot. You'll work together on behaviors you otherwise wouldn't be able to address in Virtual Sessions due to the limits of video and text messaging. All that is required is weekly attendance and simple homework assignments. You'll have access to aftercare support with up to 2 house calls after training as well as unlimited email contact. Upon successful completion, your dog will be eligible to join our Day Camp & Boarding School programs plus 6 months of FREE group class attendance where you can practice your new skills in a real world setting. 

CONS: While the commitment is a little less, the budget certainly isn't. You'll also be required to be present for all lessons or pay a penalty at the risk of loosing a session if you are tardy or absent. 

Sky has become the best possible dog. He hasn’t eaten his bed in over a year. He is great and very patient with kids. And he goes on hikes up Šmarna Gora with me. Thank you for all the advice!
— Tanja S. (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
 Sky enrolled in Virtual Sessions.

Sky enrolled in Virtual Sessions.

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