*Each dog and owner/handler is unique and requires a different set of skills, commands, and lifestyle changes. Therefore, the price and program will be decided after the consultation.*


There are so many different trainers and methods and programs. How do we choose the right one?


We make it easy for you. Our programs are based on age and desired outcome. Scroll down to look through our programs and see which one appeals to your situation the best.



VIDEO CONFERENCE CALLS: Distance an issue? Or have a tight budget?


No problem! We can coach you through the training process via video conference calls! All you need is Skype, Google Duo, or Facebook Messenger.

Total: $90/session


1 session (most of our clients end up investing in 3-5 sessions depending on the issues and goals) 

Covering: any single topic we would typically cover in a traditional one-on-one lesson, but you'll be doing all the work, so this requires a lot more commitment on your part as the owner/handler in order to see results. 

Sky has become the best possible dog. He hasn’t eaten his bed in over a year. He is great and very patient with kids. And he goes on hikes up Šmarna Gora with me. Thank you for all the advice!
— Tanja S. (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
 Sky enrolled in Video Conference Calls.

Sky enrolled in Video Conference Calls.



PUPPY PROGRAMS: Invest now, or pay later!


We believe the easiest way to stop bad behaviors is to prevent them in the first place! Our Puppy Programs are all about prevention. You'll learn everything you need in order to raise a happy, healthy, and obedient puppy into a respectful adult dog.



Total: $575

For puppies 8 weeks to 16 weeks


4 in-home lessons (we come to you!)

Covering: potty training rules and guidelines, be calm in the house, be quiet and relaxed in the crate, stop biting and nipping, and walking nicely on a leash.

Graduation =


Total: $550

*Must complete Puppy Basics Program first

For puppies 16 weeks to 8 months


2 in-home lessons + 1 Off Leash session @ Bakers Acres

Covering: remote collar introduction and functions, indoor obedience, "come" on command, working around distractions, and when and how to safely socialize with other dogs. 

Remote collar is included.

Graduation =


Total: $1050 ($75 discount!)

For puppies 8 weeks to 8 months


6 in-home lessons + 1 Off Leash session @ Bakers Acres

Covering: both the PUPPY BASICS and OFF LEASH PUPPY from start to finish at a discounted rate!

Remote collar is included.

Graduation =




ADULT PROGRAM: It's never too late to start over.


The majority of our clients come to us because they are truly frustrated and struggling because their dog "just won't listen!" Our Adult Programs are ideal for older puppies and dogs that need a total reset to rebuild trust and respect in your home. You'll learn essential owner/handler skills to teach your dog how to make good choices, to come when told, have self control around distractions, and be calm on command.



Total: $700

*multiple-dog households add an additional 2 lessons per dog

For all dogs over 6 months old that have developed a few bad manners like: herding the kids, jumping on guests, bolting out the door and running away, getting into the garbagedigging in the yard, and barking at all hours.


4 in-home lessons (we come to you!)

Covering: walk nicely on leash, be calm in the house and quiet in the crate, respect boundaries and personal space, give up toys, treats, and other valuables without a fuss, safe socialization practices

Graduation = 


Total: $775

*Must complete Adult Basics Program first

Ready to take your dog's obedience at home to the next level or even on the road? This program is ideal for you. We want to help you achieve ultimate freedom off the leash!


3 in-home lessons (we come to you!) + 1 Off Leash session @ Bakers Acres

Covering: remote collar introduction and functions, indoor obedience, "come" on command, working around distractions in a social setting, and taking your training abroad.

Remote collar is included.

Graduation = 


Total: $1550

*multiple-dog households add an additional 2 lessons per dog, price TBD

For all dogs that might be experiencing more difficult issues such as: mild anxiety, lunging at dogs and people, fearful of random objects, and other anti-social behaviors, etc.


7 in-home lessons (we come to you!) + 1 Group Socialization session @ Bakers Acres

Covering: the Adult Basics topics plus, safety protocols, always obeying commands, off-leash come, making good choices no matter what, how nutrition plays a role in behavior, troubleshooting issues, and safe socialization with other dogs and people.

Remote collar is included for one dog. (Extra equipment for additional dogs is available for purchase.)

Graduation = 


“When I met Sara, my self confidence was at an all time low and my anxiety was through the roof. Because of this, Willow began to lunge at people, animals, and even bit a few people, including me. Because of Sara, Willow no longer bites or lunges and I am smiling and laughing more and have a whole new outlook on life.”
— Carlie N. w/ Willow
puppy training_springville utah

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