Private Lessons

Available Tuesdays-Saturdays (closed Sundays and Mondays).

Watch this video to get a taste of what a typical private lesson looks like. You might even get a chance, like Brooke, to train other dogs as well as your own to broaden and improve your skills as a dog owner.

Training begins within the privacy, comfort, and convenience of your home…and coincidentally, where most of the naughty doggy behaviors manifest.

In-Home Lessons cover topics like: potty training rules and guidelines, be calm in the house, be quiet and relaxed in the crate, the importance of sleep and nutrition, stop biting and nipping, walking nicely on a leash, respect boundaries and personal space, give up toys, treats, and other valuables without a fuss, plus remote collar introduction and functions, and "come" on command. Detailed notes & homework assignments are tailored just for you and your dog.

Price: starting at $1500 ($1200 for puppies under 6 months)

NOTE: The total price and number of lessons will vary depending on each dog and situation, but you can expect $1500-$2500 for 4-6 lessons, a lifetime of email support, and all training tools required for your particular situation. We do the shopping for you!


What’s included?

You’ll have access to your trainer virtually throughout the training process (via Marco Polo or Facebook Messenger) for the purpose of reviewing homework assignments and answering follow-up questions.

Automatic access to our How To Train Your Dog online training course, complete with over 15 step-by-step videos and printable PDFs.

Download our Programs & Prices pdf to receive the full details about what is included in your training program!


DAY CAMP = Daycare + Training

Available Tuesdays & Thursdays (8am-5pm).

Send your dog to Bakers Acres during the day to learn and maintain all his obedience commands and household manners. Our day camp is one of a kind, run from home, as part of our family life...not in a big box store or noisy, smelly boarding kennel. We don't just provide potty breaks and socialization. We make every moment a learning experience including play time, nap time, and training time. We guarantee your dog will learn crucial socialization skills and we'll teach and reinforce all basic obedience commands and manners like crate and potty training, politely waiting for food, coming when called, respecting doorways and personal boundaries, walking nicely on leash, and nail trims! Brief instructions will be shared at the end of each day to maintain at home what your dog has learned here.

Price: $390/monthly pass or $50/day

Qualify for our Daycare rate of $35/day by combining Day Camp with your private lessons and continue at that rate even after training!


Day Camp Qualifications

Your dog must…

  1. be currently enrolled in or have successfully completed our private lessons program or pass a behavior assessment,

  2. be less than 45lbs,

  3. not be a female in heat,

  4. be on schedule for their vaccines, or pass a titer test, and have a clean bill of health from your vet 7-10 days prior to starting date.


Online Training Course

Training at your own pace and on your own time.

Watch this FREE Introductory Video to get a taste of what is included in our Online Training Course.

Help for all, no matter your location or the size of your bank account. Get access to our How To Train Your Dog Online Training Course!

Watch over 20 videos demonstrating our training techniques, follow the step-by-step instruction in each video’s descriptions and on our printable PDF guides “House Rules” & “Training Resources”, and one free phone/video consultation.

Price: $150


Sky has become the best possible dog. He hasn’t eaten his bed in over a year. He is great and very patient with kids. And he goes on hikes up Šmarna Gora with me. Thank you for all the advice!
— Tanja S. (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Sky, with his owners hiking in the Slovenian Alps.