Sara tailored our training exactly to our needs and really went above and beyond for our family! We felt so listened to throughout the whole process, and she was so easy to communicate with. We love that we can still correspond with her even after the bulk of our training to ask for help any time.
— Cassie & Seth T. (New York, NY)

Cassie & Seth contacted us all the way from New York City seeking help for their little girl, Benie. We did a special Board & Train with lots of training videos on Marco Polo to help her owners learn and maintain the training once back home in New York.


Are we the right trainers for you?


Clientele We Work With

The majority of our clients are middle-class, married couples with young kids, and one or two dogs in the home. These families are hard-working, united, dependable, and motivated. They might not know much about dogs and training, but they are dedicated to learning and changing.


Dogs We Work With

Puppies (8 weeks to 8 months). We believe the easiest way to stop bad behaviors is to prevent them in the first place! Begin training at this life stage and you’ll get more bang for your buck = Training for life! We cover everything puppy related: potty training, crate training, basic leash skills, socialization, sleep schedule, and the importance of good nutrition. At this age, a consultation is not required prior to training.

Adolescents (6 months to 2 years). You’ve made it this far, but that cute little puppy has grown into a monster! Stop struggling and start loving your dog again! Between 6-12 months there’s a huge shift in behavior and temperament due to puberty!!! Yeah! This is when we get most of our calls, right around the pre-teen to full-fledged, teenage, doggy years. If your puppy is deep into adolescence, we highly recommend getting together for a consultation before signing up to determine whether your teenage monster needs the basics or a dash of “adulting”.

Adults (6 months and older). Perhaps you inherited a “project dog” or life is so busy that you didn’t realize how bad your dog’s behavior was until now. Don’t worry! There is hope! Time for a total reset to rebuild peace, trust, and respect in your home. Take back your life! Adulting sucks. But it is very fulfilling if you are committed to change. At this stage in life, each dog and owner/handler is unique and requires a different set of skills, commands, safety procedures, and lifestyle changes. If your dog is severely aggressive, anxious, stressful, fearful, or displaying destructive behaviors, we will need to meet for an intensive behavioral assessment prior to signing any agreements.


Clientele We Don’t Work With

In order to be successful with training, you must comply 100% with the instructions, protocols, practices, and tools as taught by your trainer and commit to practicing and implementing them with your dog so that they become habit, a lifestyle, not just a one time fix. If you struggle with being on time to appointments, following instructions, completing weekly assignments, or are opposed to the humane use of certain tools or training techniques and philosophies, then we probably aren’t the right fit.


Dogs We Don’t Work With

  • Dogs over 60lbs. Due to an old spinal injury, our physical strength and stamina is limited. If you have a dog that is already over 60lbs, we can meet for an evaluation to see if you can do all the leash handling. If you have a young puppy that will soon grown into a large, over 60lbs adult, we highly encourage you to start training NOW!

  • Dogs with multiple bites on their record. Similar to the above contingency. Dogs who have bitten multiple times have now learned that they can get their way by using their teeth. This is a huge risk and liability. One we are not equipped to handle. But don’t lose hope! There are plenty of qualified trainers in the area who have the facility, staff, and equipment necessary to rehabilitate dogs like this. Just ask!

  • Females in heat. if you or your dog are on your period, we recommend postponing until the cycle is over. PMS is no laughing matter for you or your dog.

  • Wolf hybrids (or their counterparts - coyote, fox, wolverine, you get the picture). Do we really need to explain this? If your dog is any percentage of wild canidae we will refer you to the DNR.


Program Details Request

Contact us to receive details about what is included in your training program!


Sky has become the best possible dog. He hasn’t eaten his bed in over a year. He is great and very patient with kids. And he goes on hikes up Šmarna Gora with me. Thank you for all the advice!
— Tanja S. (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Sky, with his owners hiking in the Slovenian Alps.