Sara is amazing. Sara’s passion for dogs is incredible and I love how she incorporates her family into the process. If you have a family, and a dog that needs training, she’s your trainer!!!!
— Ted Efthymiadis, Mango Dogs (Nova Scotia, Canada)


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Written testimonials





“We got Sadie about 18 months ago. We were excited for our four kids, ages 14 down to 2, to connect with her in a way that my husband and I both had growing up with our families’ labs.

We knew that the puppy phase would be filled with some destruction and frustration, but after eight months things still weren’t getting any better.

We read books, watched videos, talked to friends and family, but we didn’t feel very comfortable with any of the suggested training methods or philosophies.

So, we did nothing and our dog ruled the backyard.

  • The kids no longer enjoyed time with her.

  • We no longer used our backyard.

  • Our kids’ friends no longer came over to play.

  • When we went to Grandpa’s, we left Sadie at home because it was so hard to get her into the car.

  • Walking her next to the stroller always ended in frustration so we stopped taking her.

We felt guilty for getting Sadie because now she lived in the backyard with very little interaction from us. Our family dogs growing up were so fun and enjoyable! We wanted to do the same with Sadie, but we were at a loss.

After perusing the internet, we came across the Bakers Acres website. It seemed like the right fit. We met with Sara and could see she was very knowledgeable about all things dog related and she has a passion for helping families enjoy their dogs again. She also continues her education so she doesn’t become stagnant in this field.

We were so surprised how simple Sara made everything. We thought our dog had so many problems that it would take far too long to stop them all all. It was NOT hard! We just needed the right tools and instruction.

After going through our training with Sara, our whole family enjoys Sadie so much more!

  • Playing with her is no longer the chore it used to be.

  • The neighbor kids can play in our yard.

  • We can take her on car rides without a fuss.

  • We can walk her (and have the kids walk her 👏🏻) without a problem.

  • It is a joy to spend time with her now and to watch our kids interact with her.

The biggest success came when our two year old (who was previously very leery of Sadie) WANTED to go out in the backyard and play with her!

Sadie is still a work in progress but no longer a burden or frustration.

Training with Bakers Acres might be the best money we have ever spent. What an investment for our family! We have no regrets and highly recommend Sara!”

- Brooke & Jason G. (Spanish Fork, UT)



“Sara is the best! I have seen the work she has done with my friends dogs, so I knew when I got my golden retriever puppy that I wanted to get him into training ASAP! Getting help with Goose going through his puppy stage and tackling issues right away has made a huge difference. Big thanks to Sara!”

- Shelby & Mitch H. (Payson, UT)




“Sara is the best. She has amazing control and knowledge. My pup responded immediately to her. She taught me how to lead with love.”

- Joni D. (Lindon, UT)




"Thank you for the help! I had a very naughty puppy and your information turned her back into a sweet puppy! and in only 2 days! Thank you again!" 

- Kathleen H. (American Fork, UT)




"Sara has helped us understand, read, and build rapport with our sensitive dog, Hank. He has made so much progress and so have we. She is quick to respond to messages and always helps us find a solution that works. Because of her influence, I have seen Hanks quality of life sky rocket."

- Lyndi Y. (Springville, UT)



Arrow & Copper

"I have older (5+ years) dogs. We're almost at a point where we want to travel. So our very spoiled dogs needed some help...or was it us!? Sara took time to explain their behavior, the why, and the how. We are continuing to work with the dogs and look forward to a long relationship with Bakers Acres and Sara."

- Ruth B. ( Springville, UT)




"Just finished the Puppy course and am very happy with what I got. My puppy is still only 6 months old but she has a solid foundation because of Sara and her help. I am especially excited about the e-collar as I like to travel a lot and need a dog that is trained off-leash. My pup Marley has made lots of progress over the last 6 weeks, but still is definitely not perfect. I wasn't expecting perfection, I just needed a good starting point with some easy goals and a clear vision for training. I highly recommend Bakers Acres!"

- Parker B. (Springville, UT)



Aslan & Tala

"I was referred to Bakers Acres by another dog trainer, high praise from another professional. My puppies are large and have very different personalities, so I was a little overwhelmed with the task of training them to be well-behaved and happy dogs. From the first phone call I was impressed with Sara’s knowledge of dogs and with her care in making sure my concerns were addressed. Not only did I feel comfortable with Sara at our first meeting, but my dogs did too. Sara tailored my sessions just for my dogs and me: basic commands of place and come, nutrition, dog anxiety, manners, and remote collar training. The end result is happy dogs and a grateful owner."

- Laurie & Greg W. (Springville, UT)




"Sara is an excellent trainer. I was really impressed with her willingness to come to my home and work on so many things right away. Her techniques are simple, giving me the confidence to continue working with my dog. I definitely recommend Bakers Acres."

- Serena B. (Orem, UT)



Augustus, Nana, & Piper

"Sara is AMAZING! She is passionate about what she does and very knowledgable. She has been helping me train my 3 crazy pups and has made life so much easier. I came in with basically no experience with training and she has been able to walk me through everything while making me feel like a confident fur momma. You couldn't be in better hands!"

- Lindsay B. (Santaquin, UT)




"I am so happy to have found Sara! She is so knowledgable and takes dog training seriously. She is incredible with puppies and has help trained me too, which has made a big difference in having a new puppy at home. Once again, I'm so happy and relieved to have found her. I 100% recommend Sara and Bakers Acres to anyone!"

- Valerie S. (Woodland Hills, UT)




"Sara is great. Helped us not only train our dog, but us as well. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to train their pup or dog...Our favorite part of the training was learning the techniques and how to walk our dogs together. Our biggest takeaway from training was that we have to be trained as well. Our relationship with Scout (and Jackson) has drastically improved now that we have the right tools, which makes our lives much easier. We are grateful that we ran into Milo's owners and got their recommendation to train with Bakers Acres."

- Lisa & Greg A. (Springville, UT)




"Can't say enough GREAT things about Sara and Bakers Acres K9 Academy!

"We initially started our puppy training journey with a different dog training team in Utah County. They promised many things, but sadly failed to deliver. With the amount of money you invest in dog training, you had better at least get what you pay for!

"Anyway, we were getting desperate for some help and called Sara. We signed up for her private-in home lessons and we were NOT disappointed! From day one Sara had a plan in place and knew what best to teach us.

"She is about teaching YOU how to train your dog, not just 'Sara trains our dog and walks away and we have no idea what to do'. She was even great to spend time with our kids, helping them learn how to handle our puppy.

"Having just finished all of our classes, we can honestly say that we are completely satisfied and that we already have an amazingly obedient 5 month old puppy.

"It CAN be done, people!!! Don't look around, don't ask your neighbors, and don't check Facebook, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! Call Sara today! Right now. Go!"

- Mandy P. & Family (Salem, UT)




"Sara has helped us get our puppy through his 'rebellious adolescent' stage. Where he had been so frustrating he now will listen to us, even if he still has to think about it for a bit. She completely helped to correct our rebel's course and saved the relationship. Sara personalized our training to meet his specific needs, taught us how to help him, and worked with our schedule to help make it happen."

- Kristi K. & Family (Springville, UT)



Gideon's family completed their private lessons and now enjoy a peaceful home where guests can come and go unmolested.


"Anyone who has been to our house probably thinks very first about the massive 115lb dog that shoves his way through to make sure you say 'hi' to him first, often knocking you against a wall, making you drop your things and possibly knocking down children out of excitement. He also is notorious for hating (and scaring the crap out of) any type of 'service' person (bug sprayer, Internet provider, delivery person, etc) this has been an enormous source of tension and anxiety in our house for the past 6 years because the way he acts can be scary. We'd resorted to simply locking him outside as soon as a service person came and had to listen to him bark and go crazy and cross our fingers that he wouldn't someday come through the glass door. 

"Well, this week, two service men came to our house to replace our TV and Gideon, calmly lay on his bed. He stayed there for over 30 minutes while the guys came in and out, went upstairs, made a bunch of noise unloading the new TV and loading up the old one. I was even reading books to my daughter and 'forgot' about him laying there because i was so at ease.

"Thank you so much, Sara, for what you've helped us learn. I feel like we'll never be able to repay you for the gift of peace. He is so much happier (not to mention the people that come over that don't get trampled). Bringing calm into my house has been the biggest blessing in the world right now. It's more than I ever believed as possible."

..."It continually makes us swell with pride and emotion that we are able to have a LIFE with our dog now. Such a simple thing, but to sit in our front yard, no leash, and just watch our daughter play with our puppy relaxing with words. What's even more, we had at least 4 people walk past our house with little to no reaction from Gideon. We know it might not seem like a big deal to the average person with an average dog, but this has been so huge for us! Sara Baker, we'll just never be able to thank you enough even if we say it a million times!" 

"...Sara Baker worked miracles with us! I'll recommend her to EVERYONE who asks."

- Destiny & Bart K. (Spanish Fork, UT)





“We adopted a small 4y/o rescue chi-mix with some anxiety/bullying issues around other dogs. She would often lunge at other dogs or bark incessantly, and we were always worried she would hurt them or provoke them to hurt her.

“Sara taught us that Benie was putting on a facade to look tough, because she was really just insecure. She showed us that this was not the true Benie. Since our training with Sara, we have been able to see the true Benie. She trusts that we will protect her and no longer feels the need to tell off other dogs. We understand her SO much better and know how to communicate with her in a much more effective way.

“We have an unusual lifestyle (lots of traveling) and our home base is a very urban environment. Sara tailored our training exactly to our needs and really went above and beyond for our family! We felt so listened to throughout the whole process, and she was so easy to communicate with. We love that we can still correspond with her even after the bulk of our training to ask for help any time. We can tell that she really cares about us and our pup.

“I would (and already do) recommend Bakers Acres to anyone in the Utah County area!”

- Cassie & Seth T (New York City, NY)



Bella, Fennec, & Abbey

“Sara is a great trainer, she really knows how to work together with dogs and humans. It's a great atmosphere.”

- Julie & James G. (Springville, UT)




"I met Sara at a time when my self-confidence was at an all time low and my anxiety was through the roof. Little did I know, much like a child, Willow was taking after me and Sara recognized that. Willow began to lunge at people, animals, and even bit me. I met with Sara for an evaluation to see what training would be the most beneficial.

"Right away she was able to see the connection between me and Willow. I was shy, so was she. I had anxiety, she did too. I was more of a wall flower that didn't know how to trust others fully and because of these things Willow didn't know how to trust others and felt like she had to protect me. I didn't see these things until Sara pointed them out and explained it in a way that I truly understood.

Sara and I had a heart to heart. She explained how she could help Willow's confidence with her, but she couldn't guarantee her confidence would stay strong while alone with me unless I got my own self confidence up. Sara told me to go do what I love and try new things that would build myself up and make myself happy. This was truly a wakeup call she had given me. So while Willow was trying new things and building herself up through training, so was I. We both became less shy, less anxious, and more happy all thanks to Sara. Willow now doesn't lunge at anyone or anything and she has learned how to trust others.

Sara Baker isn't just a dog trainer, she's a friend. She's not only helping your dog but she's helping you as well. She has a deep passion for what she does and it shows in her training. She changed both mine and Willow's life and because of Sara, Willow and I have a deeper bond and understanding of each other."

Thank you, Sara. There's not enough time in the world to say how thankful I am that someone as kind as you came along and helped me and Willow up off our feet. Because of you I am smiling and laughing more and have a whole new outlook on life. Thank you again, Sara."

- Carlie N. (Salem, UT)




"As a lifelong ‘cat person’, getting a dog was definitely a new experience. Within a few hours, it was clear that my sweet but wild three month old rescue, Lucy, had already developed a few bad habits - I knew I was over my head as far as training and expectations. Enter Sara and Bakers Acres. After getting a referral from the rescue organization and an acquaintance, I contacted Sara and asked that she help me with Lucy that first day . . . . BEST decision ever.

"Even after training, Sara followed up with several home visits teaching me so I could continue to teach Lucy. I’m now a confident dog human and have a well-behaved and loveably social, best furry friend. 

"I highly recommend Bakers Acres, Sara and her entire dog training family."

- Kris N. (Provo, UT)




"Sara has been incredibly reliable and helpful to our double doodle male puppy. Our dog, Eddie, has learned excellent obedience skills. We recommend Sara and Bakers Acres to everyone who asks."

- Steven B. & Family (Springville, UT)



K'ehlyr completed an intensive and immersive Board & Train due to severe aggression towards other dogs. Her mom did so well maintaining training her other dog at home that she enrolled in our Internship and now owns her own dog training business in Eagle Mountain.


"One of the most phenomenal people I've met. You can find professional dog trainers anywhere. But finding one with integrity, honesty and authenticity is rare. Sara is amazing! We came to BAK9 because our german shepherd was biting other dogs. When I called on the phone Sara spent over an hour with me talking about my dog, myself and the home situation. I felt like I was LISTENED to and that's why we went in for an evaluation. After training, my dog has a solid foundation to overcome her problems as long as I maintain and work with her at home. Not only did Sara do amazing with our K’ehlyr, but she coached me about training my boxer as well who had misbehavior issues that were getting more and more dangerous. She could have told me that my boxer needed to his own training program as well (and I probably would have paid). But she saw my excitement and passion to do it myself and encouraged me to learn this new skill. If you want a place to help you train your dog there are lots of options out there. If you care about integrity, honesty and authenticity in a business....this is the place to go!"

- Bethany & Sid F. (Eagle Mountain, UT)



Cassie was a special case and enrolled in private lessons and an intensive board & train simultaneously to combat her overwhelming aggression towards other dogs.


"I got a monster but you turned her into an angel. Love my Cassie now, but there was a time when one of us had to go or else!!! Thanks Sara."

-Marylin B. (Springville, UT)




"My 3 month old pup was driving me crazy and I even wondered if I wanted to keep her. I got a hold of Sara. She came for a consult and I liked her, and her dog, Bandit. She gave me some ideas and told me about her puppy program. I gave it a try. Daisy has learned manners and has had leash training and is doing very well. I think I will keep her."

- Janet W. (Springville, UT)


Doggy Daycare Utah County | Bakers Acres K9 Academy

Doggy Daycare Utah County | Bakers Acres K9 Academy


"So, I have an 11 year old lab who is an only fur baby, (his companion died 2 years ago), and he started having anxiety issues. He would drool and lick compulsively all the time. We tried all kinds of medications, to no avail. Then he started having behavior problems. (Getting in the trash, getting on furniture, begging for food.) Multiple vet visits and tests found no medical issues. I brought him to Sara for help. Seriously after ONE DAY he did not lick or drool. He is more calm and happy. Needless to say, he is a life-long client now!"

- Leslie & Rod N. (Spanish Fork, UT)




"Sara was great. Our puppy, Ranger, is good with the fun stuff like sit, shake, and lay down. However, he would pull on walks, lunge at people and dogs, jump on us and our guests, and steal clothes from our hamper. After just 3 short weeks of training he is still the same dog, just better! RANGER 2.0! He no longer pulls on walks, doesn't jump, and knows how to behave in the house. P.S. My wife originally did not want a dog. Sara helped change that!"

- Jod & Chantel B. (Spanish Fork, UT)



We have formed a wonderful working relationship with our friends at Hat Creek, exchanging services and clients.

Hat Creek Dog Training

"Sara is always my first pick for dog training. I trust her with any dog. She is also great at providing structured socialization with other dogs and people. Highly recommended."

- Tara I. (Sandy, UT)



Remote Collar Puppy Training | Bakers Acres K9 Academy


"Sara is amazing! She has many years of experience with dogs and dog training. She was also able to help us work through some behavioral problems as well as some digestive issues Archer was having. She really cares about your dog's success and was always willing to answer any questions we had."

- Aimee & Rush M. (Mapleton, UT)



Small Dog Training | Utah County | Bakers Acres K9 Academy


"We have known Sara for a few years. We highly recommend her for a number of reasons: she's very tender and caring, she loves each dog that she cares for and is very knowledgeable in proper dog training techniques. She's our local "dog whisperer" and can help resolve just about any behavioral problems any dog might be having. We don't think you can find a more engaged, knowledgeable and caring canine professional in Utah."

- Steve & Donna J. (Mapleton, UT)




"In even a short time we have noticed better behavior. My husband says it was the best money we ever spent. I'm excited to continue training and fine tuning my sweet little puppy and getting great advice from Sara to help him be a happy dog in our home. Thank you so much, Sara."

- Sherri P. & Family (Pleasant Grove, UT)




"We love Sara! Not only did she help us train our Labradoodle, but she was also willing to answer any and all silly questions we had :). She truly knows her stuff when it comes to dogs. I knew that whatever advice she gave was going to be accurate. We highly recommend Sara!"

- LeeAnn W. & Family (New York City, NY)





“I can't thank Sara enough! She is hands down one of the sweetest, down-to-earth people I've ever met. My pup, Freya, went through a dramatic event that sent both of us searching for help and Sara answered that call! She helped me with both training and personal issues! You cannot get a better trainer for your dog! She has all the knowledge and patience you could ask for!

- Abbie Y. (Santaquin, UT)



“Sara is a professional trainer with a kindness and interest in your dog, your lifestyle, your family situation and the set up of your home. We enjoyed every aspect of our time working with her and her two lovely young girls. You will have success and have fun putting her principals into use with your dog. It will work for you.”

- Flora & Jim C. (Benjamin, UT)



“Sara is a doll. With her wealth of knowledge and observant expertise, she inadvertently helped me find the right dog for my family. She even called me today to check on me and see how the search for the right family pet was going. While I cannot to speak to her skills as a dog trainer, I can speak to her quality both as a person and as a professional businesswoman. And she has that in spades.”

- Jack D. (UT)




"Sara was great at answering all of my questions and giving me free advice over the phone. I’m definitely going to use her in the future and recommend her to everyone I know! Thanks, Sara!"

- Ciera B. (Eagle Mountain, UT)


Puppy Training near Provo Utah | Bakers Acres K9 Academy

Puppy Training near Provo Utah | Bakers Acres K9 Academy

Double Trouble

"Sara is fantastic and achieves great results for all challenges. She is always so willing to give answers to questions you may have and help set you on a correct pathway. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t trust her with any of my dogs. Sara is an A+++++++ in all areas."

- Sue H. (Orem, UT)




"Sky has become the best possible dog. He hasn't eaten his bed in over a year. He is great and very patient with kids. And he goes on hikes up Šmarna Gora with me. Thank you for all the advice!"

- Tanja S. (Ljubljana, Slovenia)



Help with a Foster

"Sara Baker is an exceptional dog trainer who is very knowledgeable about her craft. She has taught me how to work with a troubled foster pup, who is now flourishing due to Sara's expertise."

- Tori P. (Mount Pleasant, UT)




"Sara was very accommodating with my situation and patient with all my questions. She really knows her stuff and I would recommend her to work with any dog. She helped me figure out the best way to deal with a "spirited" dog who has discovered some pet bunnies in a chain-link fence enclosure -- he was starting to get destructive and pull on the fence (not good for his teeth OR the fence, LOL). I felt like Sara really took the time to understand our situation and gave us a few different options to choose from, of which a couple of them would cost us less (meaning less money we'd be paying her) -- I thought that was very admirable and I appreciated her honesty. Sara Baker is AWESOME! ;-)"

- Kellie A. (Lehi, UT)




"We were so fortunate to find Sara! We've never had a dog and were completely lost on how to teach our new dog the rules of our house. Sara came over to our home to meet Xena and evaluate her. After working with Xena for a few minutes, she was able to give us some techniques and suggest some tools to help us and Xena.

"Sara has also been there for all our little questions about owning a dog. She explains things in a way that we can understand and are able to implement with our new dog. We love watching her work and learn something every time!

"Thanks to Sara, Xena even listens to us when she sees the family cat! Thank you, Sara!!!"

- Cherylee & Scott C. (Pleasant Grove, UT)

Dog Training Help near Mt Pleasant Utah | Bakers Acres K9 Academy

Dog Training Help near Mt Pleasant Utah | Bakers Acres K9 Academy

Diesel & Texas

"Definitely what our household needed. Sara has helped us out and followed up to check on how things were going. I really appreciate her and everything she does! Everyone should feel free to give her a call!"

- Abby P. (Mount Pleasant)




"Sara knows her stuff. We saw changes in Teddy’s behavior almost immediately. Her training is direct and user friendly. We highly recommend her."

- Michelle & Robert G. (Springville, UT)




"We can't thank Sara enough. She cares for the dogs and has passion about what she does. She took the time to explain and show us through example how to become even better dog owners."

- Brian B. & Family (Mapleton, UT)




"From day one, I have enjoyed and appreciated my time with Sara at Bakers Acres. She has always been clear, kind, and helpful in all things and most importantly with my dog. I recommend her services to anybody and everybody! Do yourself and your dog a favor and use Bakers Acres."

- Chelsea & Alex A. (Orem, UT)




"We have loved working with Sara. She has opened our eyes so that we can communicate with our dog Bjorn.

"We hiked the ‘Y’ a few days ago and his ecollar died, but he still did great which to me means he's come such a long ways. He sits on place in the evening and hangs out with us every night. He hangs out with my kids in the backyard and knows to be calmer when they are around.

"We look forward to using her in the future as we continue to work with our puppy to be a great dog for our family."

- Dani & Chandler S. (Provo, UT)




"Sara is fantastic! She worked with Jake on some behavior problems we have been experiencing. The advice she gave us ranged from preferred brands of dog food to how to help him get over some bad habits. Sara is honest and trustworthy in all of her dealings with us. Her treatment of Jake has been superb. I would not have any hesitation at all in recommending Sara. She is superb!"

- Richard & Bonnie T. (Orem, UT)




"Great experience for Willey and us as well. Sara was very helpful and had many valuable suggestions about our dogs behavior. We would use her services again without hesitation."

- Cory D. 



Emma & Zoe

"Sara is very knowledgeable about dogs and also very professional since this is her business and not just a ‘side’ job. I highly recommend her!"

- Karyn M. (Mapleton, UT)




"Sara’s suggestions for me to eliminate an annoying behavior that I had tried to solve on my own worked! Sara knows, understands and cares for dogs."

- Karen J.