If you enjoy learning by watching YouTube videos or tutorials on SkillShare, then you'll love this training approach. We will coach you through the training process via video calls and messaging! All you need is an email account, Marco Polo (recorded video messaging app), and either Google Duo (live & recorded video messaging app), or Facebook Messenger (video calls & messaging app). Click on the "green" links to download the apps directly to your mobile device.


Total: $395



4 "live video" sessions (via Google Duo or Facebook Messenger).


Covering topics such as: potty training rules and guidelines, crate training hacks, sleep schedule, how nutrition affects behavior, be calm in the house, stop jumping on guests.


Video/text messaging (via Marco Polo or Google Duo) with your trainer throughout each week during the training process for the purpose of reviewing homework assignments and answering follow-up questions. 

Training tools are not included, but available for purchase.


Sara has been there for all our little questions about owning a dog. She explains things in a way that we can understand and are able to implement with our new dog. We love watching her work over video chats and learn something new every time!

Thanks to Sara, Xena even listens to us when she sees the family cat! Thank you, Sara!!!
— Cherylee & Scott C. (Pleasant Grove, UT)

Xena was a police dog washout, and came to her new family extremely well trained, but as they were first-time dog owners, they needed help understanding her needs. So they enrolled in Virtual Training and Xena now enjoys life to the fullest with her human siblings.



PROS: Aside from the scheduled "live" video sessions, you'll be able to do the weekly training assignments on your own time and on a limited budget. Since the sessions are virtual, all training can be accomplished in the comfort of your home. There is no need to pay extra for a trainer's time, travel fees or to drive to a trainer yourself, saving time and gas. 

CONS: You and your family will be doing all the hands-on work, so this style requires a lot more accountability and commitment on your part without a trainer present in order to see results. It is also your responsibility to teach everyone else in the home (children and frequent visitors included) how to be involved in the training. If your spouse isn't 100% on board, then this program won't work for you. As noted in the above description, we only address simple behaviors and lifestyle changes in Virtual Sessions. If your dog requires more in-depth training, i.e. behavioral modification, then you'll need to add In-Home Sessions to your training program in order to see long-term success.  


Sara is always so willing to give answers to questions you may have and help set you on a correct pathway.
— Sue H. (Orem, UT)

Sue reached out to us for puppy training advice and enrolled in Virtual Training calls.